About Us

Inside Africa is your number one online African/Nigerian grocery store in Ireland, and was established in 2005 as the African and Caribbean communities began to grow in Ireland.  We cater for everything and anything that Africans/Nigerians and Caribbeans in the diaspora might need, miss or desire and we strive to bring the big and little comforts of the motherland right to your front door.

We wanted to create a space where we could satisfy the growing demand for African and Caribbean foodstuffs, cosmetics and hair products and that was how Inside Africa was born.

It was born out of the realisation that food and other little comforts can act as a bridge to where one is from and help cure what we now know to call “Diaspora Blues”.

Inside Africa was created to be that bridge between Europe and home. Its sole vision was to cure “Diaspora Blues” in order to ensure that Diasporans find a home away from home, a way to continue to celebrate and connect with their heritage even with oceans between them and their families.